Shellie’s Medical Malpractice Nightmare

and her

Fight for Freedom of Speech

Appeal Results

On today’s date, September 27, 2010 I learned that the appeals court made a decision in my case.

My case had been dismissed by Judge James D. Egan based upon a motion filed by Jay Paul Deratany saying that filing my lawsuit as Jane Doe and not as Shellie Beverlin should cause the dismissal of my case Judge’s Order. The appeals court ruled that the lower court’s dismissal of my case, by Judge D. James Egan, was correct based upon my Jane Doe filing. The appeals court ruling does not make any sense because, as you can see, Judge Egan’s order says without prejudice. That means that I can refile my case. The 12 page appeals court decision does not make sense and is not correct based upon Judge James D. Egan’s order.

The horrible acts alleged in my complaint for which I was trying to hold Deratany accountable will never get before a jury. The website which was written about me at by Jay Paul Deratany and owned by Deratany & Carden domain registration will never be addressed before a jury. Terrence Carden lll was formerly Deratany’s partner and an owner of the website written about me. The many deplorable acts that I believe  Spencer Lord was responsible for will never get before a jury. In reading Spencer Lord’s email to me it appears that he enjoys what he is doing and that he may continue to cause me pain and suffering spencer’s email. It is so unjust that I do not get my day in court.

What kind of judicial system allows a person, a lawyer no less, to file a lawsuit believed to be totally without merit against a former client because he misdirected his anger at the client as a result of personal things going on in his life? Then drag the lawsuit on for three years and not show up for trial? Deratany himself apologized for “overreacting” to my website deratany email . Deratany explained in another email that what I wrote about him on my website upset him, he then sued me and it escalated another deratany email. After Jay Paul Deratany admits in two emails that he was sorry for suing me and overreacted to my website why then has Deratany tried to have me and my attorneys sanctioned multiple times for what he called in his motions abuse of the court system? In my opinion Deratany has filed several lawsuits that are odd, frivolous and abuse of an already over burdened court system. Here is an example of a couple such lawsuits filed by Mr. Deratany, one of which Overlawyered calls “Parasitic,” click here to read. Here is another lawsuit filed by Deratany, which sounds frivolous, stemming from his partner being accused of not wearing proper attire at a bar strange lawsuit. When you compare these example lawsuits brought by Mr. Deratany to my counterclaims/lawsuit against Mr. Dertany for breaching the duties that he owed me under the attorney/client privilege I think who actually does file frivolous lawsuits and abuses the court system becomes very clear.

Deratany was able to slither out from under being held responsible for what he has done to me on a technicality. Yes a TECHNICALITY, I am still stunned. Starting very shortly after I filed my counterclaims in response to his lawsuit against me there were so very many different motions filed by Deratany trying to get my counterclaims and then later my lawsuit against him dismissed. It became so obvious early on that Deratany did not want to go to court on the merits of my case. I believe a jury would have seen the truth and found both Jay Paul Deratany and Spencer Lord liable for the acts that I alleged in my counterclaims/complaint. I believe Terrence Carden lll would have had to take responsibility for owning a website that slanders a client.

This is not justice!