Shellie’s Medical Malpractice Nightmare

and her

Fight for Freedom of Speech

My Allegations

After having been asked by so many people to explain my counter-suit, which later became my lawsuit against Jay Paul Deratany, Terrence Carden III and Spencer Lord, I have now decided to do so on this page.

Who is Spencer Lord and what is his connection to this, you ask? From what I learned during the trial, Spencer Lord had been a personal friend of Mr. Deratany for well over a decade at that time. Mr. Lord attended the trial each and every day.  The answer to that question would depend upon which of Jay Paul Deratany's emails that you want to believe. Mr. Deratany's first email dated 11/30/02 said that Spencer Lord, "drafted about an hours worth of questions" for the medical malpractice trial "legal assistants often do help draft questions for lawyers    .........however as a legal assistant he did not accomplish much." Deratany's next email dated 12/12/06 says, " Spencer was never an employee and I have no control over his actions." Lastly, Mr. Deratany's email dated 12/14/06 third email says"I did let him {Spencer} draw up a few draft questions in your case but at that point he was only doing some ad hoc work in order to explore if he wanted to go to law school.  Regardless he is not my employee." In Mr. Deratany's email of 11/30/02 he calls Lord a "blow hard" lord email.  In Mr. Deratany's email of 12/14/06 he refers to Lord as "an asshole" lord email 2. There is a second email on 12/14/06 wherein Mr. Deratany calls Lord "a strange man" lord email 3. Lastly, Mr. Deratany's email of 6/11/07 says that Lord is "hard to deal with and vindictive" lord email 4. I have learned that not only should you be concerned about the attorney that you choose to represent you, but who works for your attorney, as well.  Spencer Lord is currently marketing a book that he has written called "The Brain Mechanic," Lord calls it, "the layperson's guide to cognative therapy." Lord also says, "It is now being used to treat pain, and even stop seizures."

As stated earlier in this website, Jay Paul Deratany represented me in a medical malpractice lawsuit.  That experience was so overwhelming that I decided to write a website describing the ordeal to assist others in the same situation.   Shortly after publishing the website Mr. Deratany contacted me, my husband, the website designer and the hosting company to say if the site was not taken down immediately he would be suing all of us.  I did not take down the site.  This was the beginning of  being drug through hell by Jay Paul Deratany. The hosting company wrote me a letter explaining the threats that they received from Mr. Deratany and that they absolutely would not be removing my website. The designer was terrified and had nothing more to do with my site.  My husband and I were not bullied into removing the site and were in fact sued.

When Jay Paul Deratany sued me there was information about me that became public that was very concerning to me. Mr. Deratany knew that there were certain individuals that I did not want to know where I lived or anything about me as there were concerns that they could harm me and my family.  Not only did I tell Deratany this privately, but I said this in my deposition during the medical malpractice discovery phase.  I privately told Mr. Deratany that I was a witness in some very serious government investigations and the people being investigated were very powerful - some worked right there in that courthouse.  I told Mr. Deratany how I had been threatened numerous times.  Dr. Kagan's attorney Michael Tarpey knew of this matter and commented about it during my discovery deposition.  Judge Lynn Egan at one point made a comment about this matter from the bench. It had been written about in the Chicago newspapers and a magazine, many people knew about this matter.  Interestingly after filing the lawsuit  Jay Paul Deratany then had the lawsuit put under seal.  That is sort of like closing the barn door after the horse runs out.  Mr. Deratany would again cause this information to be accessible by the public two more times with additional motions that he later filed.   Due to Mr. Deratany's actions I have moved a few more times and am always looking over my shoulder.

Next Jay Paul Dertany wrote a website about me www.shelliebeverlin.comdomain registration. I learned of this website through a family friend of my mother's.  This was very upsetting and embarrassing.  Deratany's site about me is no longer on the Internet for the public to view. 

A woman from Chicago, Susan Murphy Milano is a respected author and is a frequent guest on television shows discussing crimes.  Ms Milano has a website in which she posts interesting legal matters and people write blogs in response. Ms Milano wrote a piece about Jay Paul Deratany suing me and stated that the site was going to be updated during the trial milano site. To my utter disbelief Jay Deratany blogged on her site again.  Spencer Lord also blogged slanderous things about me on the site.  I responded to these blogs.  I regret having done that.  I wish I could have ignored them, but I really wanted to defend myself against these untrue blogs.

I was also receiving telephone calls from people that found when they put my name in a search engine looking for my website, hard core porn was the result of the search. I was horrified.  One of those people was my elderly aunt.  As a result of investigations and complaints to Google and Yahoo about this disgusting porn I believe that I know who was behind this.  The person that is believed to have caused this porn issue is Spencer Lord, "the brain mechanic!" I believe that this would have been proven at trial.  I alleged in my complaint against Spencer Lord that "In an effort to cause Internet users to be dissuaded from linking to {Beverlin's} Victim Twice website defendant Lord caused Plaintiff's name to be linked to gross pornographic sites so that if Plaintiff's name was "Googled" or otherwise searched on the Internet the results would be linked to filthy pornographic sites that Plaintiff had no connection to." These sites actually had my name and my website name in the description so you could easily click on it and think that you are going to my site, which many people did. The porn that was connected to my name and website was so disturbing that I believe it was illegal porn.  Some of the porn had very young girls in it.   Most of the porn was too disgusting to describe without offending others. At the same time that the porn was causing me so much embarrassment and stress Spencer Lord had a very vile and filthy personal website up.  When you look at these examples from his website it is easy to see how comfortable he is in posting very objectionable material on the Internet.   Here are only three examples of what his website was filled with (warning - adult content), Example OneExample Two and Example Three.  On October 26, 2008 Lord wrote on his website that he was going to change the site to be "grandmother friendly." Lord says: "Welcome To My New Blog  I start grad school in ten weeks, and a new career in two years. This blog will document my progress through school, and into private practice: Brain Spa. Coming to Chicago in 2011." I guess if you are planning on going into private practice, writing and selling a book that instructs people on  how the mind works and how to be balanced individual one better not have a website that makes one look like a perverted nut job.

For eighteen long months the porn would go up, I would email Google and Yahoo, they would take it down and open an investigation.  There was 35 such requests and investigations. In December of  2006 I emailed Spencer Lord telling him that the porn he is connecting me to is illegal and the blogs that he was writing about me were actionable.  I told him that I  would be suing him. Lord and I exchanged several emails.  Finally Spencer Lord responded in an email back to me dated December 14, 2006, letting me know that he would be continuing to inflict emotional distress upon me spencer's email. Lord also said in another email to Jay Deratany on the same day spencer email 2, "i live on my friend's couch, and have zero dollars, have no job, have no property, and have no income." He went on to say, "she will get nothing." He didn't understand that this was not about money, it was about holding him responsible for his outrageous actions. Lord seemed so proud that he could do anything that he wanted to me, cause me all the pain that he wanted, and I couldn't take anything from him. I truly felt sorry for him.  What a sad and pathetic individual. Obviously Spencer Lord  puts zero value on having good morals and integrity, because he certainly lost that.   Spencer Lord, author of  "The Brain Mechanic," I am still amazed that this individual wrote a book about the mind that people looking for guidance may be reading. Based upon his email I understood why two different private investigators could never get him served with my lawsuit against him.  The doorman at the condo where Lord was staying would not allow the detectives to go up to the condo without the owner's permission.  The owner of course told the doorman not to let the detective go to his door. The detectives staked out the condo for a couple weeks.  They told me that they were able to confirm that Lord was in there, but without being allowed entrance and the fact that  there was more than one entrance and exit from the building they could not get him served.  When someone lives on someone else's couch, doesn't have a job and is apparently avoiding service you can only do so much. I found it very telling that immediately after the exchange of emails with Spencer Lord regarding his being responsible for the porn, the porn promptly stopped.  To date it has not happened again.  In spite of what Lord said in his email, there are plenty of people that have pictures of botched breast surgeries online and they do not end up connected to porn.  The botched surgery pictures have been on my site for 7 years.  They are there to show other women what could happen to them.  It is not pleasant to have such pictures out there for the public to view.  It was done in hopes of saving someone else from the same fate. The only time in 7 years that my website was ever connected to porn was during the 18 months that I am told Spencer Lord was responsible.

This is the short version, believe it or not, explaining the nightmare I was forced to live and am still living as a result of having written this website. This is all so surreal. At the time Deratany sued me this website ended on the "breast implant resources" page. Deratany even admitted in an apology email to me that he overreacted to my website, deratany email. Deratany sent a second email explaining the lawsuit that he filed against me deratany email 2. This site was not about Deratany.  He was mentioned because he was my attorney during the medical malpractice trial.  I certainly didn't say anything malicious about him.  I just described the events as I saw them. People that had been logging onto this site had been doing so as a result of their interest in medical malpractice issues.  I am sure of this because this was what the emails being sent to the site were about reader email 1 and reader email 2.  They were never about Deratany.  As a result of Deratany suing me I believe that my site has gotten more attention than it would have otherwise.