Shellie’s Medical Malpractice Nightmare

and her

Fight for Freedom of Speech


People ask me every day which event was worse, going through the medical malpractice trial or being sued by my former attorney. I went through the medical malpractice matter for a total of seven years. I have been in litigation with Jay Paul Deratany for seven years so far (through two presidential elections and counting). I can easily answer this question. Being sued by my former attorney, Jay Paul Deratany, was by far worse, so very much worse than the medical malpractice matter. Getting sued by your own attorney is unlike anything that you could imagine. Having that same attorney write a website titled with your name is surreal.

When an attorney personally sues you it will only cost the attorney a filing fee and his/her time. He/she can and will file motions at the drop of a hat. Your attorney's fees will become astronomical, fast.

When I was going through the medical malpractice matter it was so very difficult and I thought that nothing could be worse, which was the reason for writing this website. If you are suffering through a medical malpractice trial I can tell you things could be worse. Try getting sued by your attorney!

I am often asked if I regret writing this website. I can honestly say, "no." I am asked if I would recommend to others that they share their experiences on a website. If you feel that your experience is something that you want to share with others, absolutely, "yes." Every person in this country has the right to share their experiences and thoughts with others. The First Amendment says that we all have the right to freedom of speech. No one should be able take this right away from anyone simply because they don't like your message! If someone does try to take your First Amendment right from you then you must fight back. If you don't we all lose.