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While this site was very difficult and painful to create, I, Shellie Beverlin, feel that my story is very important to tell, as I know it can and will help others. I have made every effort possible to be factual and accurate. In order to tell my story I have quoted many facts and statements brought out as a result of the trial. Many of the assertions made by me of the people on the site are strictly my opinion. The reader should draw his/her own opinions/conclusions and not take the writer’s opinions as facts. I have made an honest attempt to explain the facts of my surgery and trial in an effort to help others who may be facing the decisions I had to make, or who may be going through a similar situation. I have not knowingly or intentionally made any false or misleading statements regarding any persons or entities involved with my surgery or trial. There are places on this site where my opinion of a person or a situation may be apparent, but I do not wish to — and have made every effort not to — demean anyone. I think it is important to regard every individual in high esteem and to respect each others’ feelings and abilities, but I also think it is necessary to share one’s own story to help others. I have tried my best to tell my story honestly and completely while keeping all persons involved reflected in the best possible light.


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