Shellie’s Medical Malpractice Nightmare

and her

Fight for Freedom of Speech

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I wrote the first half of this website in 2003 after losing a medical malpractice lawsuit which I had brought against Robert S. Kagan M.D. The experience was so painful, difficult and expensive that I wanted to share what I had been through with others.  My goal was to prepare  people for what they may go through when considering filing a malpractice suit, or already going through one.  I wish that I had been able to view a website like this before the trial.  I was not prepared for all that happened.

As a result of writing the medical malpractice part of this website I was sued by the attorney that represented me during the medical malpractice litigation, Jay Paul Deratany. Having been sued by an attorney personally is unlike anything one could imagine.  I decided that I needed to share this experience with the public, as well. I wrote the second half of this website in 2010 as a result of being sued by my attorney.

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