Shellie’s Medical Malpractice Nightmare

and her

Fight for Freedom of Speech

Another Medical Problem

The entire time my wounds were not healing, they were bright red, stinging, burning, tender, and very painful. After Dr. Coleman operated on me placing the implants in the proper position and filling them adequately, I was relieved of the numbness in my arms and he greatly improved my breasts cosmetically. While I no longer had open wounds, my nipple/areola area still was still painful and had stinging sensations.  I was referred to a pain specialist, Dr. Michael Stanton-Hicks at the Cleveland Clinic.

I took all my medical records to Michael Stanton-Hicks M.D. He examined me.  I described the pain that I was experiencing in great detail. Dr. Stanton-Hicks stated that I had chronic neuropathic breast pain due to the nerves in my breasts having been severed and damaged during surgery. He stated that the nerves were permanently damaged. This was a direct result of the surgery that Dr. Robert S. Kagan performed on me.

Due to these plastic surgery mistakes, I spent years on many different medications to try to get relief from the nipple and areola pain.  This pain is unlike anything that I had ever experienced. It interfered with every aspect of my life.

After years of not having much success with the medications, Michael Stanton-Hicks M.D advised me of the option to surgically place a spinal cord stimulator in my body to ease my pain. Dr. Stanton-Hicks stated that he believed I would have this breast pain for the rest of my life.

Not only was I horrified that my breasts were permanently disfigured from the plastic surgery mistakes, I felt overwhelmed that I would have this neuropathic breast pain for the rest of my life. There hasn't been a day in my life since Dr. Robert S. Kagan operated on me that I have been free from pain in my breasts.